Thank you for visiting my blog!  I am a Michigan native who is a public relations and communications professional.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in both Journalism and Psychology and am a graduate student at DePaul University pursuing my Master’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, but am also a certified personal trainer who lives for a long run and a hard workout.

Outside of work and school, I am a runner, a writer, an avid reader, love photography, waste a lot of time on movies and television, and spend as much time as I can snuggling my kids; a husky-malamute mix, a four pound chihuahua, and a calico cat.  As cheesy as it sounds, I also have an amazing husband who makes me laugh every single day.

So, thank you again for visiting, and please feel free to ask me anything!

Health and Happiness

The kids: Max (hsuky-malamute), Daxton (chihuahua), and Peyton




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