Month: July 2012

30 Day Running Challenge: Day 18

What are your PRs? Time, distance?

My PR during a half was 2:03.. and I am determined to beat that!

My best chipped time during a 5k was 27 minutes, but I clocked in at 21:22 while running 3 miles one night.  I was fueled by rage at something and was just killing it!

I hope to set a PR of under 5 hours in my marathon, so fingers crossed.

Again, I am not a fast runner, but I keep it movin’!

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30 Day Running Challenge: Day 17

How many miles a week are you usually running and what’s your normal pace? How would you like to improve this?

My mileage has been pretty low lately, around 20-25, but is increasing significantly with my training plan for the October marathon.

I am not a fast runner by any means and usually come in around 10 minutes per mile on a long run, but have noticed that my pace has really picked up during shorter runs, coming in more at 9 minutes per mile.

It would be ultimate goal to run a marathon at a 9 minute mile, but being a super asthmatic, I try to just focus on distance and not so much time, but I will get there.

Consistency and speed work is the key!


30 Day Running Challenge: Day 16

Do you carry water or powerfood with you while running? If so, how and what kind?

I will generally only carry water with me if it is really hot or if I am running for longer than 9 or 10 miles. 

When I take powerfood with me, it is generally pretzels for the carbs and sodium, and some sort of dried fruit, like dried apricots.  I either stick them in my pockets if I have them, or put them in a zip-lock bag and stuff them in my sports bra.  When I take water with me, I put the bottle in the back of  my sports bra, and reach back to get it when I need it. I HATE carrying things while running, and hips packs never really work for me.

It’s glorious when I have a “Sherpa” riding a bike next to me who can carry all water and sustenance 🙂