Month: June 2013

Marathon Training, Anyone?

Well, I am officially back at it: Marathon training!  Today is W1D4, I hate to remind myself that it is all uphill from here,  BUT, I also keep in mind that I will get stronger and better with each run.

I have to get back in the groove of getting into the “running mind-set”.  This is the place in my brain where I can go during runs to think of anything but running.  I was unable to do this last night during an easy 3 mile training run.  You would have thought I was running 20 miles, up-hill, in the snow, but in unbearable heat.  The first 3 quarters of a mile flew by, but then I just hit a wall that I could not break through.

It is runs like this that remind me that running is 35% physical and 65% mental.  Maybe even more than that.  If I can just get in the right head space, I can run for days, not matter what my training has looked like.

So step one in marathon training: do some meditation and find that head space again.  I can generally find it during a race, but I need it honed and perfected before October.

I just got a book from the library called Chi Running, which focuses on effortless running and getting into a good head space, so hopefully this will help.

Are you training for anything this summer?

Hope you are all well!



The Beauty of Getting Older

I just read a joke in Reader’s Digest at my allergist’s office, and I proceeded to sit there and giggle for a half hour.  I giggled while walking to my car, and giggled all the way back to work. Once at work, I laughed so hard, I could barely recite it to my co-worker.

What was the joke, you may be wondering?

-“What did one snowman say to the other?”

-“I smell carrots, too”

And that has had me laughing for almost an hour now.  I can guarantee that I will have the same outburst of laughter when i attempt to tell it to Paul tonight.

I love this about myself.  I find humor and joy in the simplest things (eg: this joke).  It is something that has only gotten worse throughout the years, and I believe it to be part of the beauty of getting older: being able to see the humor in things. 

Thus far, I have loved aging. I am not afraid of getting older, or going gray or wrinkled.  Growing old is a privileged, and I am eager to discover what each year of life will teach me. 

Just starting the last year of my twenties, I feel so much more confident in my own skin (though I am at my heaviest weight.  I am more focused on being healthy).  I am more aware of the value within myself, and know myself better than I ever have.

Scars, beauty marks, mistakes from our past, walls we have bumped into; flaws on the surface and below, they are just all part of the process.  I like to think of it as “earning my stripes”.  This past year, I gained three new scars from my surgery which have turned into red lines on both sides of my lower-abdomen as well as a big red dot on the upper-inside of my belly button.   A few years ago, these may have bothered me and made me self-conscious, but today, I don’t give them a single thought.  

They help tell my story, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.  The beginning of laugh-lines and crows feet that are forming will only get deeper each day with every smile and every giggle, and I love that.

Don’t be afraid to get older, and don’t be afraid to earn your stripes.  Each year that passes is just another year to learn to love yourself more, and hopefully find the humor and beauty in everything.

I am excited to get to know myself more in this last trip around the sun in my twenties.  My thirties will just be a whole new chapter in earning my stripes, and I am sure, laughing at the most ridiculous things.

“The world does not deliver meaning to you.  You have to decide what you want and need and must do.”

-Zadie Smith

The Send-Off of 28

Last night, on my birthday eve, I decided a glass of wine was in order to celebrate my last night as a 28-year-old… or a bottle, as it were.

A few sheets to the wind later, as Paul and I were enjoying trashy TV night, (Bachelorette, I love you), I was greatly disturbed by a commercial for “one-swipe eyeliner”.  

“BULLSHIT!”, I yelled, jumping off the couch and grabbing my makeup bag, mirror, and planting my butt where I do my makeup in the living room window.

“One-swipe eyeliner?! I will show you what happens when you try to “one-swipe” your eyeliner.”

Paul, not being shocked any  more by my uncontrollable outbursts, sat patiently as I haphazardly ran liquid eyeliner across my top lids, screwing up the second eye which caused me to yell, “SEE! here’s swipe 2, and 3, and whoops, missed a spot!  Eyeliner deserves the respect of more than one-swipe!”

This escalated quickly, and I just kept going.  “Wanna see drag queen makeup?”… who was Paul to say no? The wine sure as hell wasn’t, and it was my birthday eve…and it went downhill.  Downhill fast. 

Three layers of lipstick, blush, more bronzer than a real housewife, drawn in eye brows and blue eye shadow out to my temples later, it had officially turned into Hott Mess Monday.

I sent a few slefies to my bestie for proof of my playtime: 


look at those brows!

Am I turned on? Am I pooping? Only Paul and my carpet will ever know.

I am happy to report that I had the good sense to wash my face before I passed out on the couch, completely missing who the Bachelorette sent home, and apparently a very sweet good night from my beloved who dragged me off the couch and tucked me into bed.  He had to repeat it this morning to me because my only response was a grunt, and I am pretty sure a majestic glint of drool coming out of the side of my  mouth.

Oh the adventures of loving me… sorry, honey 🙂

This morning, I woke up refreshed and ready to take on 29!  Wine helps you sleep like a champ!

I had a hearty birthday breakfast: 


Sprinkles on waffles!

And was welcomed by vegan treats in my office from co-workers and my work wife 🙂

It is only 10:30am and this birthday has been amazing 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day as well!  And fear not, I will have something deep to say about getting older later 🙂

My Adventures in Normal, IL, and Unexpected Inspiration


Notice the, “You’re Beautiful”, note on the building 🙂ImageImage

I had the pleasure of traveling to Normal, IL, this past week for work, and I must say, it was quite a pleasant surprise. 

If you know anything about the mid-west, a.k.a. the Bible Belt, you probably know that there are some spots in our fine cluster of states that aren’t so exciting. I expected Normal to be one of those spots.  It was actually like a mini-East Lansing, with it being a college town, home to the beautiful Illinois State University,and a small downtown with a friendly, artsy feel.

I took my phone with me on my morning run and snapped some photos of ISU’s amazing campus!


I could study here…



These banners were all over campus, and I just thought it was a great message.


Basketball stadium


One of their buildings is a castle… that’s all I’m saying


I was sure to get some strength training in after my 3 mile run/tour of Normal. The Marriott in Normal is an immaculate facility, btw.


Most of the writing on the bathroom wall was like this.. I would say 99% positive. Who doesn’t want to pee in an environment like that?!


Seriously, between this, the beautiful message, and the sweet message on the bathroom wall, I am convinced that Normal has the nicest graffiti in the world!


Once you use the term “this one goes to 11” you are automatically one of my top ten favorite people

I was in town for a social media conference, with the key note speaker being Thomas Ian Nicholas.  You might know him as the kid from “Rookie of the Year”, or that guy from the “American Pie” movies.  

I wasn’t exactly sure why he was there, but went to the concert his band played the night before he presented (AWESOME MUSIC, more on this later), and learned that he funded his whole European tour through social media.

As soon as he hit the stage the morning after the concert, you just knew he was a cool guy.  He stated, early on in his presentation, that he was going to tell us how he took his social media skills to 11.  Immediate. Stamp. of. Approval. and. Lifelong. Support.  (if you don’t get the reference, you need to Youtube, “this one goes to 11” and click on the first result.

You’re welcome.

But not only was he smart, funny, down to earth, and entertaining, he is completely passionate about what he does.  

His band doesn’t have a record label, and is completely funded by him.  Nothing is more refreshing than seeing someone live out their dream and making it work without compromising themselves.  It was such a breath of fresh air.

Upon getting home, I dug even deeper into his music and I love it! (Thomas Nicholas Band… I highly recommend).  It was just a good reminder that you can live a life that is fueled by creativity and passion.  It was actually more like a swift kick in the ass.  Instantly someone to follow. 

It was all in all an amazing two days, but it was good to be home…. except Max insists on guarding my car for a good 45 minutes whenever I arrive home from a trip as if he is going to keep me from ever leaving again.  You’ve gotta love his devotion 🙂Image