Month: November 2012

you should try the nike women’s full marathon! I just saw your post under running lol

I will have to look that one up! Thank you!


So this is the story of Paul and Steph trying to put up their Christmas tree…

Paul cautiously retrieves the tree from the shed where I stored it and didn’t properly tape the boxes up… but we proceed because we are just so damn excited to get our tree up: 

I then realize that Paul, always having real trees, doesn’t know how to fluff a branch:

Then Paul’s suspicions come true when we discover that some crafty squirrel has made tree box #1 its food storage unit:

upon realizing this, we also realize that our tree has been predecorated in squirrel shit.  The call is made to throw the tree out.  Win for Paul, we are getting a real tree.

Well done, squirrel, well done.

And of course I made Paul put all of these back outside by the shed for the poor squirrel that we took them from.

Oh, Merry Christmas world…