Month: November 2012

I’m blogging and drinking while Paul cooks dinner…I’m such a good helper.

So I need help, Tumblr family. I need to choose a spring marathon and am at a loss. I might do the Indy 500 half, but am still searching for a full in the mid-west or east coast area. Thoughts?


So this is the story of Paul and Steph trying to put up their Christmas tree…

Paul cautiously retrieves the tree from the shed where I stored it and didn’t properly tape the boxes up… but we proceed because we are just so damn excited to get our tree up: 

I then realize that Paul, always having real trees, doesn’t know how to fluff a branch:

Then Paul’s suspicions come true when we discover that some crafty squirrel has made tree box #1 its food storage unit:

upon realizing this, we also realize that our tree has been predecorated in squirrel shit.  The call is made to throw the tree out.  Win for Paul, we are getting a real tree.

Well done, squirrel, well done.

And of course I made Paul put all of these back outside by the shed for the poor squirrel that we took them from.

Oh, Merry Christmas world…

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Thursday was such a great time.  Paul and I found the only restaurant that was open in the area, which happened to be a Claddagh Irish Pub.  They were having a huge Thanksgiving buffet, but we just wanted a spot at the bar to watch the Lions game.

We ended up passing on food completely and just drinking and chatting through the entire game.  We met strangers, made friends with the bartender and wait staff, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  We laughed, we broached some serious topics (a la, our future) and just had the best time (also doing a new “car bomb” called a holiday bomb.  It was a shot of Crown and Baileys dropped into a Christmas Ale… so good!)

We decided to sober up before heading back to the hotel by going to a grocery store that was in the same shopping center to buy our official “Thanksgiving dinner”.  I, for some reason, thought cheese and crackers was the way to go for my meal (I make terrible food choices while drunk).

Then we came home, napped, ate dinner in bed and just watched football.  It was by far the best Thanksgiving I have ever had.  I used to hate Thanksgiving, but now, I feel like Paul and I have started a new tradition of doing something new and random every year.  Or then again, we can have the tradition of getting drunk at a local pub 🙂  I like that too 🙂

I hope everyone had a great holiday!