Month: March 2013

Please forgive my absence…

i feel like non-runners don’t fully understand the inconvenience of this cold weather”

From a fellow Tumblr blogger, and it couldn’t be more true.

I have been less than motivated the last few weeks and that has GOT TO STOP. I shouldn’t use the weather as an excuse, but it just sucks the energy right out of me.

But now, I am feeling antsy. Not just with the weather and my lack of consistent running lately, but with life… I feel the need for an adventure, or a major shake-up.

Paul and I went to Dallas for st. Patrick’s day and had an amazing time with our good friends. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard for 48 hours and ate so well (too well). And they live in such a beautiful area; so different from Michigan. There were hardly any empty store fronts or closed businesses, all of the areas we visited were clean and clearly prosperous. It was a such a change from Michigan where the crash in the economy is apparent almost everywhere. Not to mention the weather was amazing!

The trip only seemed to fuel my need for a change of scenery. I have wanted to move out of Michigan since I was in high school, but I believe that I have remained here for a reason thus far (call it God’s will or what have you), but now, I think it might be time to start planning.

For now, I will get back on track with my training (I think the 40’s are only 3 days away, followed shortly there after by the 50’s and dare I say sunshine?). Michigan summers are the best, but surviving winter to enjoy them is tough, and it is becoming a taller order each passing year.

I hope everyone has been well and that at least some of you are enjoying sunshine somewhere!

Cheers to (an eventual) Spring!

TMI Tuesday at the Dr.

So here I am, at the doctor’s office just taking in the decorative reading material on the wall when I spot a poster that tells me you can send an anonymous e-card to a sexual partner letting them know they may have been exposed to an STD.
My childish self immediately thinks of the inappropriate e-cards that I send, and I laugh at the thought of adding, “and btw, you might have clamydia.”
I know…I’m very immature.
When the technician walks in, she starts by handing me a pamphlet asking if I fell safe in my relationship. and I reply with, “yes, but now I have an 800 number to threaten him with”… What can I say? I find doctor’s offices way too serious.
Left alone once again to my own devices I spot this:


Wtf is that?!?

Ah, I hope I never grow up.

(I should note that I don’t find abusive relationships funny and the e- card thing is probably very convenient).

“My Best Friend’s Wedding”

While getting some work done this morning, I decided to put on an old favorite flick of mine for some back ground noise, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.  

I love this movie. It’s charming, set in my favorite city, and hilarious.  

This movie came out when I was in middle school, and I remember thinking about how Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney just had it together. They are on the verge of turning 28 and they just seemed to be so adult!

Julia has a great job as a food writer, lives in Manhattan, and alas, is not married 3 weeks before her 28th birthday.  28 seemed so adult to me!  A great point to have your life together, career set (I was never focused on needing to be married yet, that has never phased me), but man, 28!  So far off at the time, and I don’t want to call it “old”, because I never thought of it like that, but again, just so “adult”. 

Yet here I am, 3 months away from my 29th birthday, feeling so not adult.  I realize that adult is completely a frame of mind, but it is just funny to me to think of how the perception of age changes as we get older.  

I don’t think most people ever think of themselves as adults.  We are just a bunch of 14-year-olds with car keys and checking accounts.  

As a kid, a teen, even in my early twenties I kept expecting there to be a birthday when I finally felt like an adult. 18? Legally an adult and can purchase porn, lottery tickets and tobacco. 21? Can legally drink.  23?  Just seemed like a good number to me for adulthood to begin. 25? Can rent a car. 27 for sure would be adulthood.  

But no, here I am, almost 29, and fairly content with the fact that no matter what kind of car I have, where my career is at, or what my level of responsibility is, I will never have the “adult” mind frame.  

In my eyes, the best adults never do.