Month: March 2013

Please forgive my absence…

i feel like non-runners don’t fully understand the inconvenience of this cold weather”

From a fellow Tumblr blogger, and it couldn’t be more true.

I have been less than motivated the last few weeks and that has GOT TO STOP. I shouldn’t use the weather as an excuse, but it just sucks the energy right out of me.

But now, I am feeling antsy. Not just with the weather and my lack of consistent running lately, but with life… I feel the need for an adventure, or a major shake-up.

Paul and I went to Dallas for st. Patrick’s day and had an amazing time with our good friends. I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard for 48 hours and ate so well (too well). And they live in such a beautiful area; so different from Michigan. There were hardly any empty store fronts or closed businesses, all of the areas we visited were clean and clearly prosperous. It was a such a change from Michigan where the crash in the economy is apparent almost everywhere. Not to mention the weather was amazing!

The trip only seemed to fuel my need for a change of scenery. I have wanted to move out of Michigan since I was in high school, but I believe that I have remained here for a reason thus far (call it God’s will or what have you), but now, I think it might be time to start planning.

For now, I will get back on track with my training (I think the 40’s are only 3 days away, followed shortly there after by the 50’s and dare I say sunshine?). Michigan summers are the best, but surviving winter to enjoy them is tough, and it is becoming a taller order each passing year.

I hope everyone has been well and that at least some of you are enjoying sunshine somewhere!

Cheers to (an eventual) Spring!

TMI Tuesday at the Dr.

So here I am, at the doctor’s office just taking in the decorative reading material on the wall when I spot a poster that tells me you can send an anonymous e-card to a sexual partner letting them know they may have been exposed to an STD.
My childish self immediately thinks of the inappropriate e-cards that I send, and I laugh at the thought of adding, “and btw, you might have clamydia.”
I know…I’m very immature.
When the technician walks in, she starts by handing me a pamphlet asking if I fell safe in my relationship. and I reply with, “yes, but now I have an 800 number to threaten him with”… What can I say? I find doctor’s offices way too serious.
Left alone once again to my own devices I spot this:


Wtf is that?!?

Ah, I hope I never grow up.

(I should note that I don’t find abusive relationships funny and the e- card thing is probably very convenient).