Need an oil change?

Most people know that cars need routine maintenance; gas to make it run, and consistent oil changes.  Then there are a select few that religiously get the tune ups, the engine flushes, tire rotations, break inspections, the things that a car can continue running without, but not for very long.

This is how I feel about the human body in some regards.  Most people know that you have to eat to survive, the better the fuel the better you perform, and most people will workout once in a while because they know it is good for them.
But unlike a car, we can’t get a new body when our current one breaks down from improper maintenance, or trade it in when we want a new body style. This is why it is SO important to take care of the one we have!
Just like you would take your car to a mechanic for the things that go beyond your knowledge or skill, I firmly believe everyone should see a personal trainer, or some other guru of what I like to call “natural preventative medicine” to learn how to make and keep your body at its best.
We only get one body, and unlike the car I have that I am very terrible at maintaining, I want to do everything I can to make sure my body performs at its peak for as long as it can.
You know you need to work out and eat healthy, but do you know why you need a certain type of carb or protein after a workout?  Have you ever thought about the flexibility of your spine or your hip mobility?
I used to be a pretty average gym person.  I would go, stretch, do some cardio, and do some weights… but there is so much more than that that should happen to get results and reap the benefits of fitness!
There is an overload of information out there on fitness and nutrition. There are always the latest fads, new workout crazes, but there are also the tried and true methods of how to keep your body healthy and at its best.
So, if you want to keep your “engine” running at its peak, take the time to do the maintenance and find a credible professional you trust to help you out and show you the way.  
Remember, you only get one body, and there is more involved in maintaining it than gas and oil changes. 
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