Last night, I went to a concert with some friends of Paul that were in town at a local dive bar.  I had never heard of this band before, but our friends promised good music and a good time.  They were not wrong.

The headlining band we were there to see what Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, sort of a mix of goth-country, gospel, and alternative, but one hell of a show, just fun music, and a crazy atmosphere.  I was surrounded by ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE.  It was a small show, maybe 100 people, but I was overdressed in my khaki shorts, v-neck tee and flip flops.  

I mean, there were people covered in tattoos, dread-locks, mohawks, long beards, no hair, hippie sun dresses, people wearing holy shirts (I mean literally with holes), large people, tall people, short people, just all sizes.  And no one cared!  Everyone was there dancing however they wanted to dance, jumping around, doing there thing.  

It was so refreshing to be in a crowd of people that were all so different from one another not judging and not caring.  I don’t surround myself with judgy people, but being so conscious of my weight all the time, I can’t help but notice people around me.

I tried hard to stay out of my self-conscious head, and just focus on all of these people, out there, dressing how they want to dress, dancing how they want to dance, and making no apologies for any of it.  I loved it.

Tomorrow, I have my next half-marathon.  I am not planning on a PR, but it will be my first all trail race, so it should be fun!

Happy Friday!


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