TMI Tuesday at the Dr.

So here I am, at the doctor’s office just taking in the decorative reading material on the wall when I spot a poster that tells me you can send an anonymous e-card to a sexual partner letting them know they may have been exposed to an STD.
My childish self immediately thinks of the inappropriate e-cards that I send, and I laugh at the thought of adding, “and btw, you might have clamydia.”
I know…I’m very immature.
When the technician walks in, she starts by handing me a pamphlet asking if I fell safe in my relationship. and I reply with, “yes, but now I have an 800 number to threaten him with”… What can I say? I find doctor’s offices way too serious.
Left alone once again to my own devices I spot this:


Wtf is that?!?

Ah, I hope I never grow up.

(I should note that I don’t find abusive relationships funny and the e- card thing is probably very convenient).


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