30 Days of New: Day 8 (and Day 7… My bad)

I have just 3 words for you today: TOFU CONEY DOGS!!!!!!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is a new recipe; the brain child of my beloved (he is great in the kitchen). Yes, even as a vegan you can be a complete fatty 🙂

Yesterday, I pretty much slept all day. BUT, I did start season 2 of Mad Men in between my napping, so that counts for my day 7.

Back to today, I woke up a little cranky this morning. I am not sure exactly why, maybe because it is Monday, or the fact that I couldn’t seem to get out of bed to make it to the gym before work…or perhaps it was just because it was so gloomy out. It is also the 15 year anniversary of my mom’s passing today, but that has always propelled me to have a great day, so what was with the dark cloud today?

I headed off to work where I proceeded to throw myself into my endless to-do list, still not feeling much better. It was kind of cold in my office, it was pouring rain outside, and even though I was wearing my new necklace and really cute shoes, I couldn’t shake the blah feeling. My day didn’t turn around until I focused my energies elsewhere.

My friend, Beth, who I wrote about last week, had to put her dog down over the weekend. Her dog was just as wonderful as Beth is, and they had a bond just like Max and I do. I know how hard the loss is hitting her, so I took my lunch break to go get her some flowers and a treat from old town and left it with a card at her yoga studio where she has class tonight.

Doing something for others never fails to put me in a good mood (not that that is the driving motivation to do it), but just the hope of it putting a smile on her face turned my day right around. I am no longer grieving, and have been blessed with so many great people in the last 15 years, I need to put my energy into helping others get through their grief.

By the time I got out of work, the sun was shining and it was actually a pretty nice spring day. I took myself for a run, and I FINALLY felt like a runner again after weeks of feeling like I had never done this before.

If you live in a location where it is warm the majority of the time, you are lucky. But on the flip side of that, there is nothing like the first real spring day after a long winter. It felt so great to be running in the sunshine against a warm breeze. I couldn’t help but feel so happy and fortunate to be alive, have the life that I have, and to have had my amazing mother for the time that I did.

Thank you for reading my rambling, and I hope there is plenty that you feel thankful for tonight 🙂


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