30 Days of New: Day 18

Day 18 I had two amazing new events.  The first was having the honor of delivering food to Coach Izzo and the MSU basketball staff (and some of the players) for lunch.  The office was amazing, and I have never met Izzo before (who is great friends with my boss).

I could meet any celebrity on the planet and keep my cool, but you put me in front of any one Spartan related, (football players, Coach Dantonio, basketball players, Coach Izzo), I pretty much lose my cool.  So I was completely geeking being on these hallowed grounds of the Spartan basketball home base.

No big deal....

No big deal….


Later on, I had an appointment with my new doctor; my specialist for George.  I LOVE HER!  Dr. Tremp out of Dewitt.  She is fabulous.  Very thorough, explained everything, and just really put me at ease about the whole thing.  I love it when you have a doctor who actually acts like they care about you and your well-being.

Surgery is set for Tuesday morning!  From the ultrasounds that Dr. Tremp did, George looks to be completely fluid filled (good sign, not cancer), and has thin walls (don’t know why this is good but it is).  They are not sure the origin of him, and need to be sure what he is attached to.  To do this, she is going to go in laproscopically (minimally invasive through little holes) to get a better look at George and see if they can drain him and see what he is connected to.   She will only cut me open if she absolutely has to, which is a possibility seeing as he is so huge.  I basically have a second uterus in there that is pushing down on my actual uterus.

I mean, go big or go home is what I always say.  If you are going to have a cyst, why not make it epic, right?   My best friend, Julie, yesterday said, “well now that you are producing Olympic sized cysts I know there is nothing you can’t do”.  She is fabulous.

She then proceeded to say, “I wish McDreamy did cysts and ovaries”.  What more could you need in a best friend?

After the appointment, Paul and I went to the grocery store where he proceeded to buy me “recovery foods”.  He is so good to me 🙂

I am not sure what I have on deck for today, but it will be a great weekend chalk full of new events.  I hope you all have a great weekend as well!

Friends in Boston, be safe and my thoughts are with you, friends in the north, sucks about the snow, and blessings to everyone else 🙂




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