72 Hours of Engaged Bliss and Already….

Type A Gemini twin and panic are setting in. (Side note: this will NOT be turning into a wedding blog, but you will be hearing about it on occasion.)

We are not concerning ourselves with a massive, go for broke, traditional wedding.. though those are beautiful.  We want something relaxed, laid back and all about our friends and family (not to mention we have two years to plan). I am noticing that even those have plenty of planning that goes into them and hundreds of things to think about.

Thankfully, I am surrounded by wonderful friends who have done this before and are willing to lend a hand, and I refuse to lose my sense of humor and focus on what a wedding is about in a pile of linen choices and flowers. BUT, I ask you, dear readers: To those who have been married before, what piece of advice would you go back and give your newly engaged self? 

Peace and blessings! Momma is headed out for a fabulous run tonight since training for the Chicago Marathon starts next week!


You’re welcome



  1. With a long engagement it’s nice to let things settle a bit after the super exciting engagement and kind of enjoy your new status a bit before booking a bunch of stuff or making any decisions you can’t go back on (like the dress or your choice of wedding party members). Enjoy this time before the wedding planning stress – but the great thing with your time frame is you can stretch out the planning and take a break for months on end if you want.

    Back to my point on decisions you can’t change! Forexample, and this is coming from a fellow bride who had a long engagement….we booked pretty quickly for the chapel and the reception venues, and I did second guess myself in the ensuing months or year ….in the end I was happy with my choices, but it’s kind of like when you pick the dress. When you aren’t seeing it (or the venues) a lot, you wonder if it’s as awesome as you first thought it was. Always take lots of pics when visiting your venues so you can go back and reaffirm your decision haha.

    My second thought regarding this is we would have made a few different decisions on who had what roles in the party, and there’s one person who wasn’t included at all that we wish had been. This is really our biggest regret about the wedding, to be honest. So, choose wisely. Of course at the time we picked people, we thought we were choosing well, but things changed in the 1 1/2 yrs before our wedding. I don’t think you have this issue – your circle of friends is pretty much a drama free zone, which is something we are striving for as well.

    End novel. 🙂

  2. We made our wedding everything we wanted it to be, so that we looked back at it with no regrets and only happy memories. To do that, though, we had to go with something a little different. We had a morning wedding with a brunch reception.

    Figure out exactly what you want, go with your gut, not another person’s vision. Set a reasonable budget and stick with it, although what you want may, or may not be attenable at your budget level. If you can get what you want within that budget, then great. Chances are you will have to make decisions and changes to fit that budget.

    There is nothing saying you have to spend $20K for a wedding; you can do it for half that, but it may not be as large, or it may involve some changes to your original vision.
    Be prepared to adapt and revise so that you can have what you want within the price range that you set. It is SO easy to overspend!!

    Finding the perfect venue is half the battle too…the venue may take care of some of your needs that are already included in the price per person vs. venues that add on costs for services.

    You know we’ll be there for you!

  3. I’ve been married (and Divorced) my advice is: On your wedding day…. No matter what dramas happen, it all doesn’t matter… Just you, your man and that special moment! Enjoy every minute of it!! As for marriage… Keep it real and honest! Talk and enjoy each others company 🙂

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