Days of new

30 Days of New: Day 1

I actually had 2 firsts today that are worth mentioning:

The first was conscious and involved a new restaurant in downtown Lansing (I never said they had to be earth shattering “firsts”). It was not particularly vegan friendly, but you can make nearly any restaurant vegan friendly if you think outside the box. But it has been completely redone from its previous name and ownership, and has a jazzy but casual feel inside. Lansing (and Michigan in general) needs new life breathed into it, so places like this really help.

The second was not a conscious decision to count as a first today, but it was a big step for me. I am not a passive person, but sometimes I avoid being assertive to dodge a confrontation. Today, I did not do that, and it felt damn good.

I hope some of you guys had a triumphant or enjoyable new experience today! Feel free to share!


Washington Sq. in downtown Lansing where the restaurant is located.