Day one did not go so well…

I ended up attempting my 3 miles on a treadmill on Monday night… Now let me just say that I have no doubt that I can do 3 miles no problem outside, but for some reason I HATE running on treadmills.  I am sure at this point it is all in my head, but I just hate it.  One mile seems like 5, two miles seems like 20, and three miles is an ultra marathon as far as I’m concerned.  But, it being January and Mid-Michigan, I know that I have a few more treadmill runs in my future if icy conditions occur.

The moral of the story is, I did it, and training has officially kicked off. AND, today I registered for my first race of the season: The Martian Half-Marathon in Dearborn 🙂

To follow will be the Indy 500 Mini-Marathon and the Cleveland Marathon.

Monday was also a very very sad day because I had to sign up for a new gym and leave State of Fitness :(.  State of Fitness is hands down the best gym in Mid-Michigan, if not the entire state. The training is second to none, led by head trainer and co-owner, Justin Grinnell.  His blog is a great one to follow if you are into lifting or training at all.  But the most heart breaking part, was that after working there for 2 years, I got to know all of the members, and my co-workers became family.  It was home there (not to mention a kick-ass facility that is clean and has EVERY piece of equipment you could ask for). 

But, I have to save money, and I have to pay off debt, and Paul and I have to plan for our future…being a certified personal trainer and having all of the knowledge that I learned at SoF, I am capable of working out by myself, but still… I do very poorly with change… especially this one. 

On the plus side, I have someplace closer to home that I can go to with Paul, and we can save money at the same time.  But,  I will still up most of the night with my mind running about what equipment I forgot to ask for at the new gym, why didn’t they have, was there really enough room for functional training…. any fitblr should understand the anxiety.

It is on to a new chapter, and a new race season.

Happy Hump Day kids!  Be sure to hump a friend. 

hurry up!


Ok not awesome, but in my defense I was running against the wind and had to wait for a few lights. BUT, it was a great first run after a few (ashamed to admit) months off.
It was over 50 degrees here in Lansing, MI, today, a perfect day for running! Now, I’m completely against global warming and climate change, but I am loving it.
Just logging some miles before marathon training officially starts on Monday!

Gonna get a 2 day head-start on the New Year’s resolutions:

I’m not gonna lie, I have been pretty lazy since vacation started (Friday before Christmas)… that needs to end tomorrow.

Marathon training doesn’t officially start until January 14th,  but I am in serious need of getting my base miles up again.  My asthma has been off the charts bad lately, so that should be fun, but it will feel great to get back into the swing of things.  Tomorrow, it will just be an easy 2 miles, and I will just keep it moving from there.

I also need to clean up my eating a little bit again.  Work was so crazy the past few weeks and I was so stressed, I sort of got into the habit of eating whatever was in front of me.  It is no wonder I haven’t felt very well lately.  All in all, I feel like I need a complete overhaul.

In related news, my dad was admitted to the hospital last night with numbness and chest pain.  He had a heart attack 11 years ago, and has numerous stents in his heart.  A few years back, his doctor told him he had to go vegan for his health because all of his medications were starting to have adverse effects on his body.  Sure enough, within a few months, all of his “numbers” improved.  Because he was getting better, his doctor allowed him to reintroduce foods into his diet.  3 years later, and a 24 hour visit to the ER, his doctor once again has told him to clean up his act.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer of all kinds, all run in my family.  I am so thankful that my dad got this cosmic reminder as opposed to a heart attack, and I also take it as a reminder that I am still young enough to do my best to avoid these sorts of health issues in the future.

So, I am kicking my own ass into gear, and getting a head-start on my resolutions:

1. Run 2 marathons

2. Eat clean

3. Remember that I deserve to treat myself well.  I deserve to fuel my body with good food and reward myself with an active lifestyle.

I am worth it.

You all are too 🙂

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Let’s talk lame duck and workouts, shall we?

So here we are, staying late at the office, all thanks to lame duck. 

I don’t mind, I really don’t, because it is exciting, and stressful, and frustrating, and unpredictable.  I just really enjoy it.  I am sure I would feel very differently if I was one of my legislative coordinators down there at the Capitol, but it can be pretty cool from where I sit.

To deal with all of this stress, I have been very good about my workouts. I had a great strength/lifting session yesterday, a killer metabolic conditioning session today, and am about to initiate my training plan for my first half-marathon next year (Martian Half-Marathon in Dearborn, MI).

So, on we move, with workouts and the unpredictability of lame duck… right now, craziness and soreness is being soothed by a nice beer.

Gotta love it 🙂