And the Winter Fun Continues

I was woken up from a deep sleep in the early hours of the morning by a massive snapping and crashing noise.  

I shot straight up out of bed, smacking Paul in the chest yelling, “what was that?!”.

I scramble out of bed and go flying down the stairs like a bat out of hell, as fast as I can without falling in the dark, and dart from window to window to see what the culprit of this noise was. 

When I get to the fourth window, and still see nothing, I am starting to question whether or not I was dreaming.  I don’t hear Paul getting out of bed yet either, so I start to think, “oh God, it must have been part of my dream.  I look like a complete fucking lunatic right now!”. 

Determined to prove my sanity, I race to the back door. Imagine my relief to find this waiting for me: *pictures were taken in the light of day*


the poor patio chair never had a chance…

Paul finally lumbered down, took a look, and said, “huh…thankfully it didn’t hit a car or come through the roof.  I’m going back to bed,” and with his signature kiss to the top of my head, made his way back up stairs. 

This morning, I was able to investigate more.  We had been his by a huge ice storm, coating our whole world in ice. While walking around the house taking pictures, I could hear limbs and trees crashing all over our neighborhood. For as awful as the fallen trees and damage is, there is a beauty to everything being covered in ice.

Hope everyone getting strange weather is safe!


Back/side of our house






P.S. Our snowman was murdered 😦 He lived a mere 24 hours. 


30 Days of New: Day 21

Sunday was such an amazing day!

It started right off with a new event: I was going to cheer friends on in the Lansing Half Marathon!  I have never been on this side of things before, and I have to say that I loved it!  Not that I am going to be making a full-time deal of it.  I would still much rather be running, but Paul didn’t think that was a smart idea 2 days before surgery (damn his practical ways!).

So, Max and I headed out to the 1st mile marker bright and early to give my friends a send-off.  Max was less than impressed during the wait and could not understand what we were doing on the side of the road so early in the morning.  He is really not an early morning creature:

photo (9)


He got into it once the runners approached us, and was even sweet enough to cheer for them (any husky owners will understand what I am talking about… they are a very talkative breed).  But once our friends passed, as if on queue, he turned his back to the street and laid down.  If that isn’t motivation I don’t know what is…

We then picked up Paul and raced across town to cheer between mile nine and mile ten, and then rushed off to see them at the finish line… well, Paul and Max headed to the finish line, I headed to mile 12 to run the last leg of the race with a very good friend of mine.  It was so much fun standing there and high-fiving strangers, seeing people you didn’t even know were running, cheering for the girl whose birthday it was, and just seeing the whole experience from this angle.

photo (10)


And then being able to help one of your best friends make it to the finish line.  It. Was. Awesome.

She had run such a hard race and just to be there to help her finish was such an honor.  Even though I am terrible because I had no idea what to tell her other than, “just make it to the corner and then you are at the finish”, “you got this”, “keep going”.  Should you be conversational?  Tell her more about George?  Talk about what a crappy course set up this was?  I did my best, and she rocked it to the finish line.



From the half marathon, Paul and I headed down to Novi to attend the Veg Fest Expo, a vegan/vegetarian event.  My driving motivation to go to this was to hear ultra-marathoner, Scott Jurek, speak.  He is one of my idols, if that is the proper term to use.  He is a vegan, an amazing athlete, a writer, and probably one of the nicest people on the planet.  If you have never read his book, “Eat and Run”, I highly recommend it.

I decided to bring one of my race bibs for him to sign, and even though he was technically out of time for his meet-and-greet session, he went all the way through the line signing items and taking pictures for everyone that was there.  He looked at my bib and said, “Hey! Congrats on the race!”, as he proceeded to sign and write something on the bib. “I am not going to tell you to dig deep because you clearly already know how, but I am going to put it on here anyway.”  Just completely down to earth and kind.

photo (11)

Yup, I was pretty much in love with this Sunday.

30 Days of New: Day 6

I decided today would be a great day to take myself antiquing in Old Town since I am finally feeling a bit better after two days of being a bit under the weather, and because, let’s face it, antiquing is just so much fun!  

Old Town Lansing is this ridiculously charming part of town with three antique stores, a number of boutiques, cool restaurants and a few coffee shops.  Just an artsy, homey, eclectic place.

I love antiques.  I love the thought of individual pieces with history, unique characteristics, and that rustic feel.  I would do my entire house in antiques if I could, and would love to start collecting items now.  Growing up, our house was filled with antiques that I adored, but only a few items have made it into my personal collection.

But where else could you find matching lamps like this:



Or see something like this:



After not finding what I was looking for at the antique stores, I wandered into my favorite store in the whole world: Grace. (I know it was an antiquing expedition, but I am an equal opportunity shopper).

In my eyes, this is the boutique of all boutiques.  Classic bags, jewelry, timeless clothes: I fall in love every time I am in there.  Everything is beautiful, and seems so one of a kind.  I fell hard for this dress today:


Note the halo of amazing accessories that surround it. No, it’s not just you, there really is a heavenly glow.

Does this scream engagement party or rehearsal dinner? I know, I am not engaged yet, but there is no harm in planning ahead of time, especially when it comes to wardrobe preparation. 

I then wandered over to the newest store to join Old Town: Bradly’s Home and Garden.  One of the things I adore about shopping in Old Town is that you are generally greeted by the store owners themselves, and Brad was no exception.  His store is located in a historic building right next to the old railroad tracks.


I should have taken this shot from further back so you can see the store front as well, but this is the side of Bradly’s Home and Garden.

I adored him and his space immediately.  I ended up buying a fabulous necklace and raw honey from his husband’s farm:


Handmade necklace and Leo’s Honey. The woman on the front is the mother of the current owner. Most charming honey I have ever seen.

A small adventure, but an enjoyable one none the less.  And, I purchased something new and discovered a great new store, and made a friend of the owner.  What more could you ask for in a day?

I hope you all are having an enjoyable Saturday as well 🙂

Last night I went to a “Blizzard Beach” themed party for my companies marketing firm.  Let me tell you what, they put on one HELL of a party! 

It was their 10 year anniversary, so they had 2 open bars, amazing food catered by the best restaurant in town, a band, a “beach” they had made themselves, and loads of their clients, along with the mayor of Lansing.

It was all fun and games until our account executive, Jeff, a super cool guy, was talking to me about how they created their beach when I, in typical Steph fashion, knocked over his bottle of beer, shattering it on the ground.  Jeff suddenly says, “I have a huge gash in my foot”, and we look down to see a massive cut just below his pinky toe.  He quickly turns around and hobbles into the office.  Sure enough, my most recent spill had caused blood shed, complete with chunks of flesh and blood clots mixed in with the beer and glass on the concrete.

He was so cool about it saying that it was probably he who had actually knocked it over, but I assured him that I am a walking catastrophe, and if he knew me better, he would have no doubt as to who actually knocked over the beer.

Did I mention that I wasn’t even drinking?  Yeah…I’m fun at parties.

BUT on a good note, it really was a great night/day.  It was one of those days where I was totally in love with my little/big city.  I love being involved and being out and about, seeing people I know and meeting new people.

I did meet a girl who has a program in the area that is trying to promote physical fitness and running amongst the younger generation, so we started chatting and I believe I am going to be jumping in to that endeavor 🙂  So it wasn’t a total wreck of a night.

I ended my fabulous day with grocery shopping with the man, and we LOADED UP on fruits and veggies.  I love that “home from the grocery store with fresh produce” feeling 🙂

Have a great day!