Untitled: Holiday recap:


I have been one lazy blogger as of late, and for that I apologize (not that you guys are waiting patiently at your computers for an update on my life, but still).

I am happy to report that last Saturday, I took, AND PASSED, my personal training certification exam!!!!!! It was actually a much…

Untitled: Holiday recap:

Healthy Buddha: 30 Day Running Challenge!

Borrowed from an amazing blog that I follow here on tumblr, the 30 Day Running Challenge!!!


  1. When did you start running and why?
  2. Why did you continue to run?
  3. What ultimate running goal would you like to accomplish?
  4. Tell us about your first race or when you plan to start!
  5. What’s your favorite distance to run or race and why?
  6. To you, what’s the hardest thing about running?
  7. Who…

Healthy Buddha: 30 Day Running Challenge!