It’s my birthday weekend!

I love birthdays, whether it be my own or someone else’s.  I think everyone’s birthday should be a big deal.  A great day to tell and be told, “I’m glad you were born”. 

I am so blessed because my birthdays have always been days when I am reminded how great my friends are and how loved I am.  This year is no exception.

My best friend is coming in from Chicago tonight to spend the weekend with me.  She has NEVER missed a birthday in the almost decade that I have known her, no matter where she is at in life.  I am so not worthy of her love 🙂

So, this will be me this weekend:

Pinned Image

Fat.  Sassy.  Relaxing…. except for that 10 mile run on Sunday.

Speaking of running, it has only been 2 weeks, so I guess I can update about the half marathon I ran over Memorial Day;  It went much better than I expected it to.  I ran the first half in record time, but slowed down in the last few miles, so my time wasn’t awesome, but it gives me a goal for the next one… which is a week from Sunday.

But, until then, I shall enjoy my time with my amazing friends, and be thinking about my amazing friends who can’t be here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

(Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake…only the best cake in the world)


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