The Send-Off of 28

Last night, on my birthday eve, I decided a glass of wine was in order to celebrate my last night as a 28-year-old… or a bottle, as it were.

A few sheets to the wind later, as Paul and I were enjoying trashy TV night, (Bachelorette, I love you), I was greatly disturbed by a commercial for “one-swipe eyeliner”.  

“BULLSHIT!”, I yelled, jumping off the couch and grabbing my makeup bag, mirror, and planting my butt where I do my makeup in the living room window.

“One-swipe eyeliner?! I will show you what happens when you try to “one-swipe” your eyeliner.”

Paul, not being shocked any  more by my uncontrollable outbursts, sat patiently as I haphazardly ran liquid eyeliner across my top lids, screwing up the second eye which caused me to yell, “SEE! here’s swipe 2, and 3, and whoops, missed a spot!  Eyeliner deserves the respect of more than one-swipe!”

This escalated quickly, and I just kept going.  “Wanna see drag queen makeup?”… who was Paul to say no? The wine sure as hell wasn’t, and it was my birthday eve…and it went downhill.  Downhill fast. 

Three layers of lipstick, blush, more bronzer than a real housewife, drawn in eye brows and blue eye shadow out to my temples later, it had officially turned into Hott Mess Monday.

I sent a few slefies to my bestie for proof of my playtime: 


look at those brows!

Am I turned on? Am I pooping? Only Paul and my carpet will ever know.

I am happy to report that I had the good sense to wash my face before I passed out on the couch, completely missing who the Bachelorette sent home, and apparently a very sweet good night from my beloved who dragged me off the couch and tucked me into bed.  He had to repeat it this morning to me because my only response was a grunt, and I am pretty sure a majestic glint of drool coming out of the side of my  mouth.

Oh the adventures of loving me… sorry, honey 🙂

This morning, I woke up refreshed and ready to take on 29!  Wine helps you sleep like a champ!

I had a hearty birthday breakfast: 


Sprinkles on waffles!

And was welcomed by vegan treats in my office from co-workers and my work wife 🙂

It is only 10:30am and this birthday has been amazing 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day as well!  And fear not, I will have something deep to say about getting older later 🙂


I never post when I say I am going to…

I never wrote about my birthday, probably because I ended the day really bummed out, and I’m not even sure why.  I think I was just over-tired and over thinking the day, and the upcoming year; everything I want to do and accomplish.  I have made it my goal to do something for me every single day and to accomplish something every day.  Some days they may be the same thing, but this way I will hopefully be more focused on what it is that I really want.

Pinned Image

Yesterday, for example, I finally ordered all of my material to become a certified personal trainer.  I have been talking about it for years, and even more so since becoming employed at a gym, and now the plan is finally in action. 

I also mixed up my workouts by playing a great game of ultimate frisbee!  Some sprinting and speed work is something I get very bored with when doing it by myself or on a treadmill, but during a game it is the best!  I was so impressed with my endurance 🙂  Plus, it is just great to get outdoors.

This morning, I had a killer workout at the gym at 5:30, and tonight, the boyfriend and I are going for a run together.  I really need to be better about consistency.  I am always moving, but either my eating is off or I lose focus on weight training, so this  year, I am aiming for consistency to finally reach my goals.

The birthday all in all was a great day.  I have been blessed with amazing people in my life who never let me forget that I am loved 🙂  So here is to a good year…

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It’s my birthday weekend!

I love birthdays, whether it be my own or someone else’s.  I think everyone’s birthday should be a big deal.  A great day to tell and be told, “I’m glad you were born”. 

I am so blessed because my birthdays have always been days when I am reminded how great my friends are and how loved I am.  This year is no exception.

My best friend is coming in from Chicago tonight to spend the weekend with me.  She has NEVER missed a birthday in the almost decade that I have known her, no matter where she is at in life.  I am so not worthy of her love 🙂

So, this will be me this weekend:

Pinned Image

Fat.  Sassy.  Relaxing…. except for that 10 mile run on Sunday.

Speaking of running, it has only been 2 weeks, so I guess I can update about the half marathon I ran over Memorial Day;  It went much better than I expected it to.  I ran the first half in record time, but slowed down in the last few miles, so my time wasn’t awesome, but it gives me a goal for the next one… which is a week from Sunday.

But, until then, I shall enjoy my time with my amazing friends, and be thinking about my amazing friends who can’t be here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

(Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake…only the best cake in the world)