30 Day Running Challenge: Day 9

What’s the strangest or most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on a run?

This is a fun one…. I was on a long run on the river trail right off of campus one evening, when my stomach started moving around and grumbling a little bit.  I should side note that I am not a farter really.  I have never been a gassy person.  I can’t burp, I hardly ever fart, but let me tell you what, nothing gets gasses bouncing around and out like a run.

So anywho, there I was, rocking my way down the river trail, head phones in, when suddenly, I am pretty sure I need to fart.  I do a quick look around just incase I do in fact let some bodily music slip, to make sure that no one is within ear shot.  I had just come around a curve, but I hadn’t seen anyone on the trail in at least a mile…I’m safe.

Sure enough, not 5 steps later, over my head phones, I hear probably the biggest fart my body has ever produced… followed immediately by the Michigan State Men’s Cross Country team flying by me…  

“Of course”… I say to myself…”that would happen to me”.

Good times



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