30 Day Running Challenge: Day 14

What was your favorite race you’ve run? If you haven’t raced, what are you most looking forward to with racing?

I would say my favorite so far was the Chicago Marathon.  It was just an amazing atmosphere to be in.  It was SO hot that day, and it was like the entire city came out to support every runner; from the North side all the way to the South side.

People had hoses running from their yards spraying us down, had set up their own water/hydration stations, fruit stands, cold sponges, the hotter it got, the more people were coming out to help.  It was so awesome.

Mexico town, Little Italy, China town, all just PARTYING!  I could hardly hear my ipod over them, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen.  Never have I felt so welcome and cared for by a city.

The best part about it though was that my 2 best friends, Liz and Julie, along with Paul, were there at the finish line waiting for me.  There is nothing like having a cheering section.

Julie, Liz, and me way back in the day…. LOVE these girls.


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