Who Doesn’t Love a Fresh Start?

Happy January 2nd everyone! A January 2nd post is way less cliche than a January 1st, New Year’s post, right? Probably not so much, but we are going with it anyway.

I have always loved the start to a new year. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? Sure, it isn’t like all of your problems dissipated into thin air once the ball dropped, but there is something about the calendar starting over that makes people think that things can be new again.

I am one who is extremely susceptible to the romanticism that is the new year and a fresh start, but there is something about 2015 that has me especially excited. I had a great 2014, but I have big hopes and plans for this year, and am feeling refreshed and ready to get back to the things I love; particularly running and writing, and possibly even tackle a few new passions and challenges.

For starters, my poor blog needs to stop being ignored, and I need to be more diligent about following all of the amazing people I have connected with through WordPress. You all inspire me so much whether it be with your running, writing, or creativity. Just exposing myself to all of this more will help fuel my writing again.

As far as my running goes, I am already signed up for two half marathons this spring. The Illinois Half Marathon on April 25th, and the Indianapolis Mini Marathon on May 2nd. This should set me up for a fall marathon (fingers crossed) come the fall. I might even add the Chicago Triathlon in August to my list.

How about you guys? What are your goals and hopes for the new year?

I have plenty of personal and professional goals as well, but I am still hashing those out. I think there is always room to be a better person , and I am sure 2015 will award me plenty of opportunities for growth.

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s have an amazing 2015.


P.S. A little MSU, Big Ten Cheer for everyone out there. Probably the best football game I have ever seen in my life!

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It is a new month!

Which I am taking as a clean slate, a starting off point for an even healthier, more active, lifestyle.

I have my best friend’s wedding in 2 months, and I want to be able to look at the pictures and not hate what I see (which has been the case for pretty much the last 2 years).

Not to mention the fact that marathon training is kicking into high gear, so I really need to get focused.

New month, new focus!


30 Day Running Challenge: Day 14

What was your favorite race you’ve run? If you haven’t raced, what are you most looking forward to with racing?

I would say my favorite so far was the Chicago Marathon.  It was just an amazing atmosphere to be in.  It was SO hot that day, and it was like the entire city came out to support every runner; from the North side all the way to the South side.

People had hoses running from their yards spraying us down, had set up their own water/hydration stations, fruit stands, cold sponges, the hotter it got, the more people were coming out to help.  It was so awesome.

Mexico town, Little Italy, China town, all just PARTYING!  I could hardly hear my ipod over them, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen.  Never have I felt so welcome and cared for by a city.

The best part about it though was that my 2 best friends, Liz and Julie, along with Paul, were there at the finish line waiting for me.  There is nothing like having a cheering section.

Julie, Liz, and me way back in the day…. LOVE these girls.

30 Day Running Challenge: Day 13

Have you ever been injured because of running? How?

Thankfully, I have never had any injuries while running.  I sometimes need to ice my knees, but that is very infrequent.  If I keep up with my glucosamine supplements and cod liver oil, I stay in good shape.

The best injury I’ve had (thankfully) were some awesome blisters from the Chicago Marathon. 


30 Day Running Challenge: Day 5

What’s your favorite distance to run or race and why?

My favorite distance to run is 10 miles + because I feel like my best runs have been at 10 miles, and anything over 9 always sounds so bad ass to me (even though I frequently struggle through 5 or 6 depending on the day).

My favorite distance to race is 26.2 because to me it is just such an awesome challenge.  I always meet so many different sides of myself while running that far.  I start off strong, and then at some point, I have to meet and conquer the weakest, most insecure parts of myself.  And it is great every time I do.