30 Day Running Challenge: Day 26 and 27

Sorry, I missed yesterday!

Day 26: The only day in the challenge where I’m going to ask you to run: go run a mile as fast as you can and tell us about it!

7:57!  I am ok with that.  I think it is because it is cool and rainy out, not to mention I have been resting my legs all week to recover from my half marathon last weekend.

I love running in the rain, and tonight, it actually made me excited for fall (even though I generally consider myself a summer girl). It has been such a hot summer here in Michigan, so the rain is a welcome change.

Day 27: While running do you use any watches or apps? What technology do you utilize?

I use my Garmin Forerunner 305 and I love it!  I feel bad because I don’t use it to its fullest potential, I just want to know how far I’ve gone and how long it has taken me 🙂  I originally chose this one because of the heart rate monitor feature, but I have gotten away from using that too.  Maybe that will be a goal of mine.


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