Month: September 2012

I am not meant to be around kids…

Like having them or being in charge of them.

Tonight I baby sat for one of my best friends, and she has 3 girls.  11, 10, and newly 6.

I am just terrible.. sure they love me, but that is because they can smell fear and know that I am not the “scary babysitter”, I am the fun one because I don’t know what else to do.

One had a carton of cherry tomatoes for dinner, another ate 3 sausage links, and the youngest had a PB and J bagel.  Oh, but they were all properly fed ice cream.  I let the youngest eat hers on the couch until the middle one yelled, “she’s not allowed to eat on the couch!” to which I glance over and notice that there is ice cream ALL OVER her face… we are talking eyebrow action here and all.

I guess, in the end, no one got sick, no one got injured, and the parents were happy to get a night away, so it wasn’t so bad.

Now I am just so so very ready for bed. 

Just had a decent run.  It got hot fast, even though when I started it was a perfect 66 degrees.  I set out to do 7 and starting walking around 5.  

Paul was riding his bike with me and as we going through campus, I noticed people walking in the Red Cedar.  Having been here 10 years and never doing that, I decided we had to stop. 

But after that, I was just really enjoying walking and talking with him, so I ended up walking until we got home.

So the bigger news:  I accepted a new position with the Michigan Association of Counties as their Communications Coordinator.  It is a very exciting opportunity for me and I am so honored that I was chosen for the position.  It will be a lot of work, and I am so nervous about it, but things that are worth it are a little scary, right?

I am so sad to be leaving my job at State of Fitness.  I love being a professional part of the fitness community and impacting peoples’ lives the way that SoF does.  I will still be training there (as in working out there) and am still studying for my personal training certificate, but it will just be a change.  They are such a great group of people who genuinely care about their members and they have changed my life in ways they will never understand.

But, here is to a new adventure!  Wish me luck!