I have been terrible lately!

I have haven’t been posting, I haven’t been lifting, at least I have been running and doing my squats every day (which really doesn’t sound like a lot).

In all honesty, I have kind of been freaking out about my new job that starts a week from Monday.  I have this terrible habit of over-thinking some things and this is one of them, just because so much about it is unknown. 

This is a huge opportunity for me and it will open so many doors but also challenge me on many levels I am sure.  I try to live my life never backing down from a challenge and have tried to make a point to not let fear steer my direction (which can be really hard), so I flip between SUPER excited to petrified.  Either way, I am going to make it great and run with this opportunity.

I am hoping this new routine will give me an opportunity to change up my schedule a bit and get my runs or workouts done in the morning.  It will be weird to not be part of the fitness community as a professional for the time being, because I LOVE being surrounded by so much knowledge.  I have been so blessed to be here at State of Fitness.  I am still studying for my personal training exam (which has also deterred me from updating) and still aim to get my masters in Sports and Health Psychology, but instead of now having my day job being in the health industry and my “side job” being a writer, it will be reversed.

Here’s to diving into the future!

If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.


At some point…

you just have to follow your dreams.  No matter how “out there”, hard to attain, or crazy they  might seem.

Shut off what other people say, ignore the odds, and just go for it. 

It is way past time for me to go for what my dreams are, and I am sick of accepting anything less.  If they haven’t gone away after 28 years, I really doubt they are going to.