30 Days of New: Day 10

This morning, I woke up thinking to myself, “hmmm, what am I going to do today that is new? I have no exciting plans.”

Well, ask and you shall receive, because life served up a fun one today.  Let’s set the scene:

So there I was, Saturday night, and the lower right side of my back started to ache.  Not throbbing, not a consistent, sharp pain, but a dull, very annoying ache.  This ache was all too familiar.  I have had a number of kidney infections, as well as kidney stones, and they all start with this dull pain.

Fast forward to this morning, and I still have this ache.  It was time to call in a medical professional before the pain upgraded to a full on infection/crippling pain.

Finding no traces of infection, the doctor seemed to think that it must be a kidney stone; I needed to go to the hospital for a CT Scan.

My idiot brain immediately thought, “THE GODS ARE SMILING UPON ME TODAY! I HAVE NEVER HAD A CT SCAN!!!!” Day ten’s “new” event had just been prescribed to me… heavenly music had never come from a referral like this one.

Being WAY more excited than I should have been for this new experience, I all but skipped with my Aunt Janice (who so kindly drove me all over town for this), into the McLaren health center to check in.


Aunt Janice and me in radiology. I so wanted a picture of the CT Scanner, but I didn’t think phones would be permitted.

I was blown away by this entire process.  I didn’t even have to change into a gown, take off my jewelry, or even remove my shoes!  Don’t ask me what I was expecting, but I got way too much joy out of the whole thing.

As luck may have it, I don’t have a kidney stone.  What I do have is a softball sized cyst nestled between my bladder and uterus.  So, there’s that.

They immediately scheduled me for an ultrasound for tomorrow morning.  So who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Paul and I decided to head out to dinner to debrief on the day and the discovery of my cyst baby, George (don’t ask… it just felt right), so we decided to head to one of the best restaurants in the area; Gracie’s Place in Williamston.

This place has great food, amazing beer, and the greatest atmosphere:


The bar area (and my handsome man)

ImageAnd it turns out, they have live jazz on Wednesday nights!  I love all live music, but live jazz just has a certain soul to it that really just sets the mood/atmosphere.


Who wouldn’t get super jazzed about this?… ok, that was a terrible pun….

So, all in all, it was a pretty interesting day.  I am eager to se what tomorrow turns into.  I am supposed to have an allergy appointment in the morning, but if they decide to deliver (or extract, depends on how you look at it), I might miss that appointment.

Hope you all had a great hump day!



  1. Haha! Thanks for painting the cyst baby picture. I hope whatever results you get, that it is a quick and painless, and you’ll be back on your way in no time. Sending good vibes your way!

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