30 Days of New: Day 11 and 12

I am cheating again, but I may or may not have made cranberry vodka cocktails last night and fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm. Don’t hate me because it was fabulous 🙂

Yesterday was another fun first with my friends at the radiology department at McLaren Greenlawn.  I got ultra-sounded and probed!  I have never had a run of the mill ultra-sound before, and Paul and I got to see baby cyst, George (disappointingly, he is not much to look at).

Paul, the sweet, amazing man that he is, went with me just in case something catastrophic happened.  So there we were, in a dimly lit room, with a nurse handing me a wand to insert into myself.  I winked at Paul, it just seemed like the right thing to do (I am so inappropriate… and the more foreign the situation, the more inappropriate I get).

Turns out, George is bigger than we had originally thought and is clinging to not only my bladder and uterus, but both ovaries as well.  Now, I am not a small person by any means (I’m 5’9 and not rail thin), but that is a decent chunk of real estate in my lady bits that he is taking up!  I was telling Paul that I have to imagine I will have an instant 5 pound weight loss and probably be a bit smarter when he is gone… there must be a lot of blood flowing down to him that my brain could benefit from.

So, the  next step is for George to be evaluated by a specialist in about a week, and then we will decide on surgery.  

On a serious note, I hope this solves some problems for me.  I have been chronically fatigued for a while now (we are talking over a year).  I could fall asleep at any time of the day and sleep for a good four hours.  I also can’t keep weight off.  What most people do to drop weight, I have to do to struggle to maintain my weight.  Maybe George has thrown off my hormones and just thrown my whole body out of whack.  So I am hoping after his delivery I will be a whole new woman.

Tonight, Paul and I are renting “Lincoln”, so that is my lame new event for today.  I feel like the past 2 days were excitement enough to have a low-key event tonight.  And tomorrow is a pretty big new as well: Half marathon!  I have run half marathons before, but never this one.

Oh, I did wear one of my mom’s scarves that I have never worn before today:


Yay, vintage!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I will report back after my half marathon tomorrow.  It is not going to be pretty, I will tell you that much.


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