30 Days of New: The Final Day

We find ourselves at day 30 of this “30 day challenge”, and my new event for this final day is hardly epic, but here it is: 

Today I came face-to-face with my incisions.  Day 7 after surgery is when the bandages come off, and let me tell you what, I am damn impressed!  The one on the right side is probably a quarter of an inch long and not even a pen line thick, same as the one in my belly button, and the one on the lower left side is maybe an inch long and just as thin.

How someone can go into my body and operate on a huge cyst and remove an organ through 3 tiny incisions is beyond me, but my doctor is a magician (I know that this is common medical practice, but I am biased to my awesome doctor).

Tomorrow, May begins, a clean slate to start fresh.  I will be back at work, out of the house, living life without George.  Granted, I can’t run or workout for another week, but Paul has dedicated himself to living a vegan lifestyle with me (to the best of his ability), so there should be lots of cooking adventures and healthfulness in the next month.

Here is to an interesting month; I have always hated April because it has a habit of throwing me curve balls.  This April was no exception. 

Sleep tight, kids, and I will see you in May.


I forgot it’s a new month!

I forgot to say happy April!  

What more do you need to lift your spirits than a new month?  An empty canvas of which to paint a whole new calendars worth of good days.

Since it is a new month, how about a 30 dayer? I am thinking, “30 Days of New”.  Whether it be doing something for the first time, rediscovering something from your past, or learning something that I didn’t know before, April is now “30 Days of New”.

For now, we will consider my morning funk and April Fool’s joke. (Paul and I just had a discussion about April Fool’s jokes this morning, both saying that we dislike the cruel pranks that take place on this day, which I followed up with, “Oh, I’m pregnant by the way”. I honestly think smart-ass is a blood type, and it is what inhabits my veins).

Happy April!  Let’s make it a great month (and hopefully find spring?)!

(I hate to admit that I am currently rediscovering the first Britney Spears album.  I don’t know, but I was craving some music from my early high school days.  No judging…it took a lot to admit that).