I forgot it’s a new month!

I forgot to say happy April!  

What more do you need to lift your spirits than a new month?  An empty canvas of which to paint a whole new calendars worth of good days.

Since it is a new month, how about a 30 dayer? I am thinking, “30 Days of New”.  Whether it be doing something for the first time, rediscovering something from your past, or learning something that I didn’t know before, April is now “30 Days of New”.

For now, we will consider my morning funk and April Fool’s joke. (Paul and I just had a discussion about April Fool’s jokes this morning, both saying that we dislike the cruel pranks that take place on this day, which I followed up with, “Oh, I’m pregnant by the way”. I honestly think smart-ass is a blood type, and it is what inhabits my veins).

Happy April!  Let’s make it a great month (and hopefully find spring?)!

(I hate to admit that I am currently rediscovering the first Britney Spears album.  I don’t know, but I was craving some music from my early high school days.  No judging…it took a lot to admit that). 


I love spring time.  There is something so hopeful and rejuvenating about everything coming back to life after winter (even if we had very little winter to speak of this year).  

I took these on a lazy Sunday while roaming around campus with Max and my boyfriend.  

I caught myself in a funny habit while sitting on a bench waiting for Paul at one point; I always search for 4 leaf clovers.  I don’t even really do it consciously, I just sort of do it.  I have never found one, but I just had to laugh at this never ending journey to find one.

More to come later about my exciting weekend…