I have to be super cheesy for a sec…

A year ago today, a friend of mine invited me to play volleyball on her bar team with her. Little did I know, she intended to set me up with one of her team mates that she had been telling me about for a while, someone she thought I would really like, but I wasn’t into set-ups.

I got there, met the team, and during the first game, I happened to rotate out with one guy, Paul.  We immediately started chatting and just seemed to hit it off.  The next week we were talking about how much we like sushi, and he asked me to sushi that next weekend.

After a fabulous first date, we went on a second date the following week, and I just began to realize that I was dating one of the greatest guys on the planet.  Smart, accomplished, too funny for his own good, caring, and extremely thoughtful.

I don’t know how I got so lucky to meet someone like him, and have someone like him love me, but I thank God every day for him.

My friend told me a few months after all this that she had been planning on trying to get us to talk that night and setting up a few group outings to get us together, but I realized that fate sometimes just needs a push, not a party planner 🙂  Bless her heart.

A year later, we are living together, and I fall more in love with him every single day.

Life moves in surprising directions, and sometimes it is just best to be along for the ride. 

This is the 2 of us out and about all dressed up for Halloween last year.