Is This Real Life?!

Relationships are tough, in the best way possible though. Paul and I aren’t even married yet, but I see what people are saying when they say that marriage is hard.

I am learning though that the hard part isn’t us, or making “us” work.  That is the easy part. The hard part is making sure that I am giving it my all every day, because that is what Paul does.  He is such a great example of what it means to love unconditionally, always treat me fairly, and to be consistent in his love and what he gives to the relationship.

And then there is me… the hot mess of the duo…

The great thing about a healthy, loving relationship (in my mind) is that it demands the best of you, but loves you still at your worst.  It forgives your faults, reminds you of your strengths, and kicks you in the ass when you need a push, making you grow. I can only give as much to my relationship as I am giving to myself, if that makes sense.  If I am suffering, my relationship suffers.

Paul, sometimes to my chagrin, knows what I am capable of, knows what I deserve, and is there to push me if he thinks I am accepting less or performing below my best.

I am a creative soul who happens to be a Gemini, and painfully stubborn (sorry about this, world, it is just the way my cocktail was mixed), so sometimes I need this push (as I am confident he will in the future… he can’t be perfect forever!), and a reminder that I owe it to myself to bring my A game every day.

Damn, I hate it when he is right.


Just to prove I’m not the only child in the relationship


30 Days of New: Day 15

Even though I am writing both posts for the 14th and 15th in one sitting, the 15th deserves its own post. 

Yesterday was a sort of “up and down” day.  I spent a good amount of time on the phone trying to get in to see a specialist sooner than next week to have George checked out.  I have a friend in the area whose sister is a doctor and she recommended a few great specialists for me who she trusts.  The only problem is that getting in to see them ASAP is not easy.

I am not in a panic over George or really worried about what it could be or what it is going to take to get him out of there, but at the same time, I still have concerns, especially since I know nothing about this thing, or how difficult it is going to be to extract it.

The day picked up as it wound down, though.  I met my fabulous Aunt Laurie for dinner so that I could give her the disc of my scans.  She works with some of the best doctors in the nation, probably the world, and has promised to get it into their hands.  She has always looked out for me and had nothing but my best interest at heart.  Talk about a woman to admire, though.  Strong, independent, smart, great style and appreciation for fashion, animal lover and rescuer, the list goes on.  (And I don’t just say these things because she is a reader of my blog).  She is honestly a wonderful person, and it was so great to see her. (That is the “new” for day 15, a new restaurant where we met).

Feeling amazing and recharged from my dinner (fabulous women will do that to you), I arrived home to find all of the lights off, candles lit throughout, and the house clean.  I walked in to the living room to find Paul hanging out with the dog and cat, and he had set up a, for lack of better term, “snuggle spot”.  He knows I have been a little bit stressed, not feeling so great, and just figured I could use a relaxing, tranquil space to unwind from the day.  Does it get any better? 

I have amazing people in my corner, and no matter how benign or bad George turns out to be, I will always have these wonderful people to fall back on. 

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

Thursday was such a great time.  Paul and I found the only restaurant that was open in the area, which happened to be a Claddagh Irish Pub.  They were having a huge Thanksgiving buffet, but we just wanted a spot at the bar to watch the Lions game.

We ended up passing on food completely and just drinking and chatting through the entire game.  We met strangers, made friends with the bartender and wait staff, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  We laughed, we broached some serious topics (a la, our future) and just had the best time (also doing a new “car bomb” called a holiday bomb.  It was a shot of Crown and Baileys dropped into a Christmas Ale… so good!)

We decided to sober up before heading back to the hotel by going to a grocery store that was in the same shopping center to buy our official “Thanksgiving dinner”.  I, for some reason, thought cheese and crackers was the way to go for my meal (I make terrible food choices while drunk).

Then we came home, napped, ate dinner in bed and just watched football.  It was by far the best Thanksgiving I have ever had.  I used to hate Thanksgiving, but now, I feel like Paul and I have started a new tradition of doing something new and random every year.  Or then again, we can have the tradition of getting drunk at a local pub 🙂  I like that too 🙂

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Had a sushi date last night at the restaurant where we had our first date.  We happened to be seated in the same spot as we were that night, but this picture was a new addition there.

The waitress came up to our table and said, “Isn’t this the cutest little lovers’ corner?”

Paul’s first reaction was to say, “She’s my ex-wife”

You would have to know our sense of humor, but I just cracked up.