Saturday’s workout didn’t happen:

Paul came back from walking Max saying, “I think Max broke his leg!”. 

Apparently, they were running up a hill and Max yelped and fell over his front right paw.  It clearly wasn’t broken, but we headed to the emergency vet just to be safe.


What felt like hours and a completely healthy dog later, we were free to go.  And the whole day just kind of crapped out from there. By crapped out, I mean watched football…

 photo.JPG (Go State!)

And then we were headed out to celebrate Halloween…

Not the greatest job I have ever done with prioritizing, but what can ya do?

On to good news: I am back to intermitten fasting for at least 5 days a week, and am psyched for a hardcore strength training session tonight! 

I hope everyone is safe wherever you are!


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