Month: April 2013

30 Days of New: Day 4

“save some of yourself for me”

Today, I am forming a new outlook on a situation. Something that I am powerless to change and that is not giving me back what I am putting into it.

At what point do you need to just let go? Acceptance of the way things are and will remain is never an easy step. But, I have too many great things going on in my life to not eject the negatives.

People will only make you as miserable as you let them, and will only drag you down as far as you let them. They may try to project their insecurities on to you, or expect more from you than they are willing to give, but you have the right to set your boundaries and form the life that you want and deserve.

Today, I am taking a big step in doing just that.

30 Days of New: Day 3

Ok, so I hate “selfies” with a passion, but today requires one:



New glasses!!!  I wasn’t going to just post a picture of the specs themselves.  What good would that do? 

I don’t wear them everyday, and don’t wear contacts, but they are good for night driving, watching movies, and reading the computer screen.  Again, not an earth shattering “new”, but a new none the less 🙂  Always celebrate an update!

Last night, my wonderful friend Beth and I went for a 3 mile run, and it was awful!  I am still just struggling with my asthma!  It feels like I am running underwater or something and just cannot get my breath.  I have been running for nearly 9 years and yet lately I have felt like this is the first time I have laced up sneakers to hit the pavement.  I have a half marathon in 2 weeks that I am just going to work my way through.  Not planning on any PRs this time.

It was great to just have girl time though.  Beth is one of the greatest people I will probably ever meet in my life.  Smart, beautiful, will always tell it to you straight, but so kind and insightful.  She is the kind of person I feel that I could take any problem to and get great advice, comfort, criticism if needed, but still leave feeling loved, supported, and encouraged.

Beth is actually one of my boyfriend’s best friends.  When we first started dating, he talked about his two best friends, Paul and Beth, who are married, all of the time.  I finally was able to meet them about 2 months after we started dating, and I couldn’t have imagined 2 better people.  Down to earth, welcoming, fun, kind, I loved them instantly.  I have always said that you can tell a lot about a person by their friends, and that night I think was when I fell officially in love with Paul (my Paul, not his best friend Paul). With best friends like that, what could be wrong with the guy?

Seeing him interact with these people who are basically his family (and their adorable 3 year-old son), made me see him in a different light and appreciate him on a deeper level, and now, I consider them like my family too.

I am so blessed to have the people around me that I do.  I don’t know what I have done to deserve them, but I hope it always stays that way 🙂

Happy Hump Day!  Hump responsibly…. 

30 Days of New: Day 2

I am rocking through this Tuesday so far!  Why you may ask? Because it is Tuesday and why not?

I started off my day with a massive juice:



If you haven’t juiced before, you should be… it is glorious! 

Got to the office, and decided that after 7 months of working here, I should probably take over the filing cabinet that is in the corner of my office, which lead to an overhaul of my desk and book shelves (what can I say, I love organizing and cleaning). 



This was pretty far into the project, so this is better than it had been at the beginning of the process.  So this is my first “new” of the day.  A new organizational system in my office.

This was followed by making an appointment with a new allergist.  I haven’t been to an allergist in about 4 years because the last one I saw told me I needed to get rid of my cat… I told her I needed to get rid of my allergist…

But, now I think I may embark on the adventure of allergy shots.  I have seasonal allergies that affect my asthma, so I am a perfect candidate (or so I have been told)… so that will count as another “new”.

Cheers to injectables!


30 Days of New: Day 1

I actually had 2 firsts today that are worth mentioning:

The first was conscious and involved a new restaurant in downtown Lansing (I never said they had to be earth shattering “firsts”). It was not particularly vegan friendly, but you can make nearly any restaurant vegan friendly if you think outside the box. But it has been completely redone from its previous name and ownership, and has a jazzy but casual feel inside. Lansing (and Michigan in general) needs new life breathed into it, so places like this really help.

The second was not a conscious decision to count as a first today, but it was a big step for me. I am not a passive person, but sometimes I avoid being assertive to dodge a confrontation. Today, I did not do that, and it felt damn good.

I hope some of you guys had a triumphant or enjoyable new experience today! Feel free to share!


Washington Sq. in downtown Lansing where the restaurant is located.

I forgot it’s a new month!

I forgot to say happy April!  

What more do you need to lift your spirits than a new month?  An empty canvas of which to paint a whole new calendars worth of good days.

Since it is a new month, how about a 30 dayer? I am thinking, “30 Days of New”.  Whether it be doing something for the first time, rediscovering something from your past, or learning something that I didn’t know before, April is now “30 Days of New”.

For now, we will consider my morning funk and April Fool’s joke. (Paul and I just had a discussion about April Fool’s jokes this morning, both saying that we dislike the cruel pranks that take place on this day, which I followed up with, “Oh, I’m pregnant by the way”. I honestly think smart-ass is a blood type, and it is what inhabits my veins).

Happy April!  Let’s make it a great month (and hopefully find spring?)!

(I hate to admit that I am currently rediscovering the first Britney Spears album.  I don’t know, but I was craving some music from my early high school days.  No judging…it took a lot to admit that). 

A Weekend in Review

I hate the saying, but I have a case of the Mondays today.  I am not one to generally “boo hoo” for too long, but I don’t see an end to this dark cloud.  I am hoping a good workout/run tonight will snap me out of it.

First off:  My asthma has been terrible lately.  I find myself needing my inhaler more and more and struggling through every run…and I’m talking, can barely make it through a mile and a half.  My training plan has me doing 12 this weekend (not to mention a half marathon in 2 weeks).  That should be awesome considering I can’t keep my breath while walking the dog these past 2 weeks. 

For non-asthma sufferers, it is awful.  You feel like your air intake doesn’t make it any further into your body than your throat.  I can practically feel it stop just at my sternum.  I am doing some holistic remedies research, and may have to make a visit to my doctor, we shall see.

Easter wasn’t fabulous.  Though I did spend the day partaking in one of my favorite past-times; spring cleaning. But not even my lady-wood for a completely re-organized kitchen and bathed dog could pull me out of my funk. 

Again, I am sure it has everything to do with the state of my running right now.  One good run and I will be back to my old self.  But part of me thinks that my current demons go a little deeper than that.  I think it has a lot to do with need for a change of scenery.  I am way over due.

Happy Monday.  I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you all!