Raw Food Potluck

I had a speaking engagement at a local raw food potluck tonight, and it went so well!  This organization is basically a group of people who get together and spread the word about Raw food/veganism, and I was asked to be the speaker at their monthly potluck.

I took along one of my closest friends, Jess, who I have referenced before.  She was my roomie, and is also a trainer at my gym, so we went to share our knowledge with these raw foodies about not only eating well, but exercising, and how we train at State of Fitness.

It went so well!  There were 40+ people there, and they were great!  Such great energy, great questions, very engaging people.  They made speaking about what we are passionate about very easy.

After our presentation was over, we had a number of people come up and personally thank us, but also ask us more in depth questions.  One woman came up to me and just started sputtering off the issues she has been having, in search of help, and was so genuinely thankful that we had come that night and might be able to help her with her ailments.  It is amazing what the human body can accomplish when it is being fueled and worked properly 🙂

Just all in all a very rewarding experience.  I had one gentleman in the audience who told me that I was “exceptional”.  It was such a sweet compliment, and all around just a great experience.

Good food too 🙂

Pug > tea time


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