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A weigh-in was not the way to start my day…

BUT, I know what I’m up against, and I just have to bust my butt.

Today, I have a 4 mile run and strength training today, so lots to get my frustrations out on.

I guess that is the part that makes me so mad.  On paper, I should theoretically be losing weight, not struggling to maintain.

Oh well… everyone is different, and at least I know I am healthy (that is me striving to be positive). 

And the chances of me surviving a zombie apocalypse are pretty good.

Reasons to be fit!


Raw Food Potluck

I had a speaking engagement at a local raw food potluck tonight, and it went so well!  This organization is basically a group of people who get together and spread the word about Raw food/veganism, and I was asked to be the speaker at their monthly potluck.

I took along one of my closest friends, Jess, who I have referenced before.  She was my roomie, and is also a trainer at my gym, so we went to share our knowledge with these raw foodies about not only eating well, but exercising, and how we train at State of Fitness.

It went so well!  There were 40+ people there, and they were great!  Such great energy, great questions, very engaging people.  They made speaking about what we are passionate about very easy.

After our presentation was over, we had a number of people come up and personally thank us, but also ask us more in depth questions.  One woman came up to me and just started sputtering off the issues she has been having, in search of help, and was so genuinely thankful that we had come that night and might be able to help her with her ailments.  It is amazing what the human body can accomplish when it is being fueled and worked properly 🙂

Just all in all a very rewarding experience.  I had one gentleman in the audience who told me that I was “exceptional”.  It was such a sweet compliment, and all around just a great experience.

Good food too 🙂

Pug > tea time

Not having the best of weeks…

I don’t know how else to put it other than I am struggling.  My weight doesn’t seem to want to budge (in fact, it has crept up a few pounds), and it is just deflating.

I pulled up my official race photos from my last half-marathon and was almost instantly brought to tears.  I hated what I saw.  It was one of those moments when I felt embarrassed to be me, to be walking around looking like this every day.  

I get mad at that, and then I get even more mad because I just don’t get it.  I understand that everyone is different, everyone is built different, and we all gain and lose weight differently, but I try SO HARD.  I lead an active, healthy lifestyle, and it seems that even maintaining my current slightly over-weight figure is hard.  Losing seems IMPOSSIBLE!

On Saturday alone, I took a group coaching class at the gym (a.k.a. a total ass kicker), rode my bike and then swam laps.  This was after more bike riding and a killer strength training session on Friday.

I run a very fine line between keeping a healthy mind-set about it and sliding into a very negative and unhealthy mind-set.  At the end of the day, I will always do right by my body and not jeopardize or compromise my health, but it is a struggle to keep my head up about it.

On today’s agenda, I have a bike ride, a run, and a strength training session at the gym.  The workouts will help make me feel better.  And next week, I will be at my cottage all week where I can run, bike ride, and swim to my hearts content.   It is such a relaxing place where I can refocus and get some positive energy flowing again.

One thing that I struggle with in regards to this whole thing is that I am in the bestconditionof my life but not in the bestshapeof my life.

So, today I will try and focus on the fact that I am healthy, I am strong, and hopefully soon the rest will fall into place.