30 days of new

30 Days of New: Day 11 and 12

I am cheating again, but I may or may not have made cranberry vodka cocktails last night and fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm. Don’t hate me because it was fabulous 🙂

Yesterday was another fun first with my friends at the radiology department at McLaren Greenlawn.  I got ultra-sounded and probed!  I have never had a run of the mill ultra-sound before, and Paul and I got to see baby cyst, George (disappointingly, he is not much to look at).

Paul, the sweet, amazing man that he is, went with me just in case something catastrophic happened.  So there we were, in a dimly lit room, with a nurse handing me a wand to insert into myself.  I winked at Paul, it just seemed like the right thing to do (I am so inappropriate… and the more foreign the situation, the more inappropriate I get).

Turns out, George is bigger than we had originally thought and is clinging to not only my bladder and uterus, but both ovaries as well.  Now, I am not a small person by any means (I’m 5’9 and not rail thin), but that is a decent chunk of real estate in my lady bits that he is taking up!  I was telling Paul that I have to imagine I will have an instant 5 pound weight loss and probably be a bit smarter when he is gone… there must be a lot of blood flowing down to him that my brain could benefit from.

So, the  next step is for George to be evaluated by a specialist in about a week, and then we will decide on surgery.  

On a serious note, I hope this solves some problems for me.  I have been chronically fatigued for a while now (we are talking over a year).  I could fall asleep at any time of the day and sleep for a good four hours.  I also can’t keep weight off.  What most people do to drop weight, I have to do to struggle to maintain my weight.  Maybe George has thrown off my hormones and just thrown my whole body out of whack.  So I am hoping after his delivery I will be a whole new woman.

Tonight, Paul and I are renting “Lincoln”, so that is my lame new event for today.  I feel like the past 2 days were excitement enough to have a low-key event tonight.  And tomorrow is a pretty big new as well: Half marathon!  I have run half marathons before, but never this one.

Oh, I did wear one of my mom’s scarves that I have never worn before today:


Yay, vintage!

Happy Friday, everyone!  I will report back after my half marathon tomorrow.  It is not going to be pretty, I will tell you that much.

30 Days of New: Day 10

This morning, I woke up thinking to myself, “hmmm, what am I going to do today that is new? I have no exciting plans.”

Well, ask and you shall receive, because life served up a fun one today.  Let’s set the scene:

So there I was, Saturday night, and the lower right side of my back started to ache.  Not throbbing, not a consistent, sharp pain, but a dull, very annoying ache.  This ache was all too familiar.  I have had a number of kidney infections, as well as kidney stones, and they all start with this dull pain.

Fast forward to this morning, and I still have this ache.  It was time to call in a medical professional before the pain upgraded to a full on infection/crippling pain.

Finding no traces of infection, the doctor seemed to think that it must be a kidney stone; I needed to go to the hospital for a CT Scan.

My idiot brain immediately thought, “THE GODS ARE SMILING UPON ME TODAY! I HAVE NEVER HAD A CT SCAN!!!!” Day ten’s “new” event had just been prescribed to me… heavenly music had never come from a referral like this one.

Being WAY more excited than I should have been for this new experience, I all but skipped with my Aunt Janice (who so kindly drove me all over town for this), into the McLaren health center to check in.


Aunt Janice and me in radiology. I so wanted a picture of the CT Scanner, but I didn’t think phones would be permitted.

I was blown away by this entire process.  I didn’t even have to change into a gown, take off my jewelry, or even remove my shoes!  Don’t ask me what I was expecting, but I got way too much joy out of the whole thing.

As luck may have it, I don’t have a kidney stone.  What I do have is a softball sized cyst nestled between my bladder and uterus.  So, there’s that.

They immediately scheduled me for an ultrasound for tomorrow morning.  So who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Paul and I decided to head out to dinner to debrief on the day and the discovery of my cyst baby, George (don’t ask… it just felt right), so we decided to head to one of the best restaurants in the area; Gracie’s Place in Williamston.

This place has great food, amazing beer, and the greatest atmosphere:


The bar area (and my handsome man)

ImageAnd it turns out, they have live jazz on Wednesday nights!  I love all live music, but live jazz just has a certain soul to it that really just sets the mood/atmosphere.


Who wouldn’t get super jazzed about this?… ok, that was a terrible pun….

So, all in all, it was a pretty interesting day.  I am eager to se what tomorrow turns into.  I am supposed to have an allergy appointment in the morning, but if they decide to deliver (or extract, depends on how you look at it), I might miss that appointment.

Hope you all had a great hump day!

30 Days of New: Day 9

Nothing is more of an honor and a compliment as a writer than to have a friend ask you to write for them. I’m not talking a term paper, but something personal, like content for a wedding website, like my friend recently asked me to do.  

It is also rather nerve wracking, because you want it to be great, especially something like this that 200+ of their closest family and friends could read.. but such an honor. 

I finally finished it today, and it took everything in my power to not just write “these two are just F*ing great!”, because they are.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard as I did during my 48 hours I was with them in Dallas last month.  

Your twenties on up are such a cool time to be a part of major events in friends’ lives, and you really get to see an amazing side of them.  Family, hopes for the future, fears; engagements, showers, weddings, babies, it all has the capacity to pull you closer to people and impact those events in your own life.

My new experience for today was pretty cool.  I got to share my “talent” with someone who I so greatly look up to and love.  She is almost like a big sister to me (something I have never had).  I adore her, admire her, get advice from her, and respect her ( and she always looks so damn great!). 


The bride to be on the left and me. It was an awkward group shot at a table, so forgive our poses, but do you see what I mean! Eyebrows to kill for, fantastic hair. If I didn’t love her, I would want her dead 🙂

I still have a run and workout yet to get to tonight, but I will chalk this day up as a success.

Happy Tuesday, kids 🙂

30 Days of New: Day 8 (and Day 7… My bad)

I have just 3 words for you today: TOFU CONEY DOGS!!!!!!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is a new recipe; the brain child of my beloved (he is great in the kitchen). Yes, even as a vegan you can be a complete fatty 🙂

Yesterday, I pretty much slept all day. BUT, I did start season 2 of Mad Men in between my napping, so that counts for my day 7.

Back to today, I woke up a little cranky this morning. I am not sure exactly why, maybe because it is Monday, or the fact that I couldn’t seem to get out of bed to make it to the gym before work…or perhaps it was just because it was so gloomy out. It is also the 15 year anniversary of my mom’s passing today, but that has always propelled me to have a great day, so what was with the dark cloud today?

I headed off to work where I proceeded to throw myself into my endless to-do list, still not feeling much better. It was kind of cold in my office, it was pouring rain outside, and even though I was wearing my new necklace and really cute shoes, I couldn’t shake the blah feeling. My day didn’t turn around until I focused my energies elsewhere.

My friend, Beth, who I wrote about last week, had to put her dog down over the weekend. Her dog was just as wonderful as Beth is, and they had a bond just like Max and I do. I know how hard the loss is hitting her, so I took my lunch break to go get her some flowers and a treat from old town and left it with a card at her yoga studio where she has class tonight.

Doing something for others never fails to put me in a good mood (not that that is the driving motivation to do it), but just the hope of it putting a smile on her face turned my day right around. I am no longer grieving, and have been blessed with so many great people in the last 15 years, I need to put my energy into helping others get through their grief.

By the time I got out of work, the sun was shining and it was actually a pretty nice spring day. I took myself for a run, and I FINALLY felt like a runner again after weeks of feeling like I had never done this before.

If you live in a location where it is warm the majority of the time, you are lucky. But on the flip side of that, there is nothing like the first real spring day after a long winter. It felt so great to be running in the sunshine against a warm breeze. I couldn’t help but feel so happy and fortunate to be alive, have the life that I have, and to have had my amazing mother for the time that I did.

Thank you for reading my rambling, and I hope there is plenty that you feel thankful for tonight 🙂

30 Days of New: Day 6

I decided today would be a great day to take myself antiquing in Old Town since I am finally feeling a bit better after two days of being a bit under the weather, and because, let’s face it, antiquing is just so much fun!  

Old Town Lansing is this ridiculously charming part of town with three antique stores, a number of boutiques, cool restaurants and a few coffee shops.  Just an artsy, homey, eclectic place.

I love antiques.  I love the thought of individual pieces with history, unique characteristics, and that rustic feel.  I would do my entire house in antiques if I could, and would love to start collecting items now.  Growing up, our house was filled with antiques that I adored, but only a few items have made it into my personal collection.

But where else could you find matching lamps like this:



Or see something like this:



After not finding what I was looking for at the antique stores, I wandered into my favorite store in the whole world: Grace. (I know it was an antiquing expedition, but I am an equal opportunity shopper).

In my eyes, this is the boutique of all boutiques.  Classic bags, jewelry, timeless clothes: I fall in love every time I am in there.  Everything is beautiful, and seems so one of a kind.  I fell hard for this dress today:


Note the halo of amazing accessories that surround it. No, it’s not just you, there really is a heavenly glow.

Does this scream engagement party or rehearsal dinner? I know, I am not engaged yet, but there is no harm in planning ahead of time, especially when it comes to wardrobe preparation. 

I then wandered over to the newest store to join Old Town: Bradly’s Home and Garden.  One of the things I adore about shopping in Old Town is that you are generally greeted by the store owners themselves, and Brad was no exception.  His store is located in a historic building right next to the old railroad tracks.


I should have taken this shot from further back so you can see the store front as well, but this is the side of Bradly’s Home and Garden.

I adored him and his space immediately.  I ended up buying a fabulous necklace and raw honey from his husband’s farm:


Handmade necklace and Leo’s Honey. The woman on the front is the mother of the current owner. Most charming honey I have ever seen.

A small adventure, but an enjoyable one none the less.  And, I purchased something new and discovered a great new store, and made a friend of the owner.  What more could you ask for in a day?

I hope you all are having an enjoyable Saturday as well 🙂

30 Days of New: Day 4

“save some of yourself for me”

Today, I am forming a new outlook on a situation. Something that I am powerless to change and that is not giving me back what I am putting into it.

At what point do you need to just let go? Acceptance of the way things are and will remain is never an easy step. But, I have too many great things going on in my life to not eject the negatives.

People will only make you as miserable as you let them, and will only drag you down as far as you let them. They may try to project their insecurities on to you, or expect more from you than they are willing to give, but you have the right to set your boundaries and form the life that you want and deserve.

Today, I am taking a big step in doing just that.

30 Days of New: Day 3

Ok, so I hate “selfies” with a passion, but today requires one:



New glasses!!!  I wasn’t going to just post a picture of the specs themselves.  What good would that do? 

I don’t wear them everyday, and don’t wear contacts, but they are good for night driving, watching movies, and reading the computer screen.  Again, not an earth shattering “new”, but a new none the less 🙂  Always celebrate an update!

Last night, my wonderful friend Beth and I went for a 3 mile run, and it was awful!  I am still just struggling with my asthma!  It feels like I am running underwater or something and just cannot get my breath.  I have been running for nearly 9 years and yet lately I have felt like this is the first time I have laced up sneakers to hit the pavement.  I have a half marathon in 2 weeks that I am just going to work my way through.  Not planning on any PRs this time.

It was great to just have girl time though.  Beth is one of the greatest people I will probably ever meet in my life.  Smart, beautiful, will always tell it to you straight, but so kind and insightful.  She is the kind of person I feel that I could take any problem to and get great advice, comfort, criticism if needed, but still leave feeling loved, supported, and encouraged.

Beth is actually one of my boyfriend’s best friends.  When we first started dating, he talked about his two best friends, Paul and Beth, who are married, all of the time.  I finally was able to meet them about 2 months after we started dating, and I couldn’t have imagined 2 better people.  Down to earth, welcoming, fun, kind, I loved them instantly.  I have always said that you can tell a lot about a person by their friends, and that night I think was when I fell officially in love with Paul (my Paul, not his best friend Paul). With best friends like that, what could be wrong with the guy?

Seeing him interact with these people who are basically his family (and their adorable 3 year-old son), made me see him in a different light and appreciate him on a deeper level, and now, I consider them like my family too.

I am so blessed to have the people around me that I do.  I don’t know what I have done to deserve them, but I hope it always stays that way 🙂

Happy Hump Day!  Hump responsibly…. 

30 Days of New: Day 2

I am rocking through this Tuesday so far!  Why you may ask? Because it is Tuesday and why not?

I started off my day with a massive juice:



If you haven’t juiced before, you should be… it is glorious! 

Got to the office, and decided that after 7 months of working here, I should probably take over the filing cabinet that is in the corner of my office, which lead to an overhaul of my desk and book shelves (what can I say, I love organizing and cleaning). 



This was pretty far into the project, so this is better than it had been at the beginning of the process.  So this is my first “new” of the day.  A new organizational system in my office.

This was followed by making an appointment with a new allergist.  I haven’t been to an allergist in about 4 years because the last one I saw told me I needed to get rid of my cat… I told her I needed to get rid of my allergist…

But, now I think I may embark on the adventure of allergy shots.  I have seasonal allergies that affect my asthma, so I am a perfect candidate (or so I have been told)… so that will count as another “new”.

Cheers to injectables!