30 Day Running Challenge: Day 18

What are your PRs? Time, distance?

My PR during a half was 2:03.. and I am determined to beat that!

My best chipped time during a 5k was 27 minutes, but I clocked in at 21:22 while running 3 miles one night.  I was fueled by rage at something and was just killing it!

I hope to set a PR of under 5 hours in my marathon, so fingers crossed.

Again, I am not a fast runner, but I keep it movin’!

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30 Day Running Challenge: Day 17

How many miles a week are you usually running and what’s your normal pace? How would you like to improve this?

My mileage has been pretty low lately, around 20-25, but is increasing significantly with my training plan for the October marathon.

I am not a fast runner by any means and usually come in around 10 minutes per mile on a long run, but have noticed that my pace has really picked up during shorter runs, coming in more at 9 minutes per mile.

It would be ultimate goal to run a marathon at a 9 minute mile, but being a super asthmatic, I try to just focus on distance and not so much time, but I will get there.

Consistency and speed work is the key!


30 Day Running Challenge: Day 16

Do you carry water or powerfood with you while running? If so, how and what kind?

I will generally only carry water with me if it is really hot or if I am running for longer than 9 or 10 miles. 

When I take powerfood with me, it is generally pretzels for the carbs and sodium, and some sort of dried fruit, like dried apricots.  I either stick them in my pockets if I have them, or put them in a zip-lock bag and stuff them in my sports bra.  When I take water with me, I put the bottle in the back of  my sports bra, and reach back to get it when I need it. I HATE carrying things while running, and hips packs never really work for me.

It’s glorious when I have a “Sherpa” riding a bike next to me who can carry all water and sustenance 🙂

30 Day Running Challenge: Day 14

What was your favorite race you’ve run? If you haven’t raced, what are you most looking forward to with racing?

I would say my favorite so far was the Chicago Marathon.  It was just an amazing atmosphere to be in.  It was SO hot that day, and it was like the entire city came out to support every runner; from the North side all the way to the South side.

People had hoses running from their yards spraying us down, had set up their own water/hydration stations, fruit stands, cold sponges, the hotter it got, the more people were coming out to help.  It was so awesome.

Mexico town, Little Italy, China town, all just PARTYING!  I could hardly hear my ipod over them, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen.  Never have I felt so welcome and cared for by a city.

The best part about it though was that my 2 best friends, Liz and Julie, along with Paul, were there at the finish line waiting for me.  There is nothing like having a cheering section.

Julie, Liz, and me way back in the day…. LOVE these girls.

30 Day Running Challenge: Day 13

Have you ever been injured because of running? How?

Thankfully, I have never had any injuries while running.  I sometimes need to ice my knees, but that is very infrequent.  If I keep up with my glucosamine supplements and cod liver oil, I stay in good shape.

The best injury I’ve had (thankfully) were some awesome blisters from the Chicago Marathon. 


30 Day Running Challenge: Day 12

How has running changed you or your life?

I am way more confident and feel so much more accomplished!  I love feeling like I can take on anything because I just ran X amount of miles.  What could be hard during a day after a 20 mile run?

It is sad to say on some level, but I just feel like I have more worth as a person because I have something that I do that I am so proud of, and I do it just for me 🙂

30 Day Running Challenge: Day 11

What kind of clothes do you run in? Actual running clothes or old t-shirts? Show us a picture!

I now have actually performance gear that I wear.  I LOVE workout clothes, and would live in ADIDAS, Lulu, Nike… you name it, clothes if I could (even though I love fashion.  It is like my Gemini twins doing battle again.  One is a fashionista, the other is a little more low key).

It has taken me a long time to get here though.  It used to be that any old tee-shirt and pair of short would do. Now that I am logging way more miles, comfort is key…and matching always helps :).

Here is a picture of me and my beautiful friend, Jess, post Warrior Dash last year.  I am in Nike shorts and an Alo Performance tank top. (I’m on the right… and it just took everything in my power to not simply say, “I’m the big one”).

30 Day Running Challenge: Day 10

Where do you run: treadmill, street, track, trail? And why do you prefer running there?

I do most of my running on the Lansing River Trail, which is a paved trail circuit that goes along the Grand River/Red Cedar River though East Lansing and Lansing.  If I had my way, I would LOVE to run on real trails through a national park or something.

I love the river trail though because I don’t have to worry about traffic or motorists yelling stuff at me, and it is beautiful!  If I looked at pictures of some of the spots, I would never guess that it was in Lansing, but the river is so pretty.

Word to the wise by the way:  Never eat spicy pad tai before a run… it does not feel good.

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