Down another 2!

So far so good on my goal to drop 2 lbs a week (only 2 weeks in a row, but every victory is just that, a VICTORY!)

I had fun training some friends and Paul last night in a group conditioning type workout. They did an awesome job, and it is just so much fun and such a great feeling sharing what I know and helping people get active and be healthy. Although Paul hates it, he is a great person to practice training on because he really tests my ability to communicate clearly about form and what he should be feeling.

I am convinced that if we ever break up it will be during a workout 🙂 But he worked so hard.

A hardcore lifting session is in order tonight after a 4 mile run, and then headed up north for the weekend!

Have a great Friday!

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A weigh-in was not the way to start my day…

BUT, I know what I’m up against, and I just have to bust my butt.

Today, I have a 4 mile run and strength training today, so lots to get my frustrations out on.

I guess that is the part that makes me so mad.  On paper, I should theoretically be losing weight, not struggling to maintain.

Oh well… everyone is different, and at least I know I am healthy (that is me striving to be positive). 

And the chances of me surviving a zombie apocalypse are pretty good.

Reasons to be fit!

Weigh-in tomorrow morning!!!

My last few weigh-ins have been awful!  I don’t know what I have been doing wrong, but this month I am just going to focus on what I am doing right.

#1- Intermitten fasting 5-7 days a week.  There is tons of new research out there about how this is very beneficial to hormones, metabolism, and overall caloric intake…. more on that later.

#2- no drinking until tailgate (and then very limited).

#3- consistent strength training, 2-3 times a week.

#4-consistent training runs and cross training.

#5- a clean diet!  I need to get better with my semi-vegan ways.  it is just a lifestyle that I believe in and that works for me, so I need to stick with it.

Hope you all are having a healthy August as well!

Reasons to be Fit