Yeah, November!

I am happy to report that I am 100% on November workouts so far.

Nevermind that it is only the 2nd… 100% is 100%, and I have all of my workouts scheduled for the entire month.  I just need to work my runs in there and still pick my next race (other than the Turkey Trot 5k).

Hope everyone is having a great Friday, and happy November!

P.s. I think I managed only 1 goal in October, and that was to not weigh in… high five

My body hurts in the best/worst way

It feels so great to be back in the gym.  I got my ass handed to me during a strength training session today.  I felt like my hamstrings and abs were going to explode out of my body. 

It kind of sucked because, after a month off, I was not at the level I am used to.  I was spent, tank completely empty, where as I feel like before I could have rocked it harder.  But I will get it back.

It was just great to be sweating so hard working, what felt like, every muscle in my body!

Tomorrow is a run day 🙂

But I promise I won't chew anything

I’m going to need Paul to carry me like this tomorrow…

Such a great day!

Had an amazing, ass-kicking workout at 6 this morning, a great day at work, and a 2 mile run this evening.  

I feel great!

I have scheduled my strength training class for tomorrow night after work, and I will just keep it rolling like this 🙂

After a month off, it felt really great to be back in the gym…in that shitty, “I’m dying” type of way.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

You can do it!

I never post when I say I am going to…

I never wrote about my birthday, probably because I ended the day really bummed out, and I’m not even sure why.  I think I was just over-tired and over thinking the day, and the upcoming year; everything I want to do and accomplish.  I have made it my goal to do something for me every single day and to accomplish something every day.  Some days they may be the same thing, but this way I will hopefully be more focused on what it is that I really want.

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Yesterday, for example, I finally ordered all of my material to become a certified personal trainer.  I have been talking about it for years, and even more so since becoming employed at a gym, and now the plan is finally in action. 

I also mixed up my workouts by playing a great game of ultimate frisbee!  Some sprinting and speed work is something I get very bored with when doing it by myself or on a treadmill, but during a game it is the best!  I was so impressed with my endurance 🙂  Plus, it is just great to get outdoors.

This morning, I had a killer workout at the gym at 5:30, and tonight, the boyfriend and I are going for a run together.  I really need to be better about consistency.  I am always moving, but either my eating is off or I lose focus on weight training, so this  year, I am aiming for consistency to finally reach my goals.

The birthday all in all was a great day.  I have been blessed with amazing people in my life who never let me forget that I am loved 🙂  So here is to a good year…

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